CTSU Registration Procedures
Why Should I Register for Access to the CTSU?

Registration with the CTEP-IAM Registration System and approval for access to CTSU will allow:
  • Access to a wide range of NCI-sponsored protocols outside of your respective Network or Group
  • Credit towards Group membership accrual requirements, even when the protocol is not sponsored by your Group/Organization
  • Access to the CTSU website for protocols, informed consent forms, the Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN), Rave for data entry, the Regulatory Support System (RSS) for protocol approval status, educational materials and more
  • Enrollment of patients without the restrictions of meeting minimum accrual requirements
  • E-mail updates on CTSU activities

Investigators and Associates (non-Investigators)

Access to the CTSU members website is managed through the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program - Identity and Access Management (CTEP-IAM) registration system.
To obtain a valid username and password for access to the CTSU member website Investigators and Associates must register with the CTEP-IAM registration system.

The CTEP-IAM Fast Fact Sheet - Registration Instructions for Associates is a fact sheet guiding new Associates on how to register with the CTSU by establishing an account with CTEP-IAM.

The Investigator Registration Fact Sheet for PMB and CTEP-IAM is a fact sheet guiding Investigators on how to register with The Pharmaceutical Management Branch (PMB) and then establish an account with CTEP-IAM.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and National Cancer Institute (NCI) policy require all investigators participating in any NCI-sponsored clinical trial to register and to renew their registration annually.

A complete investigator registration will now require:
  • A completed Statement of Investigator Form (FDA Form 1572)with an original signature
  • A completed Financial Disclosure Form with an original signature
  • A completed Supplemental Investigator Data Form (IDF) with signature (original or copy acceptable)
  • A Current Investigator Curriculum Vitae (CV)
These documents should be forwarded to the Pharmaceutical Management Branch (PMB) per the 1572 packet instructions. The Investigator should notify the CTSU when confirmation is received from the PMB of their activated status. The Investigator will then need to go to the CTEP-IAM and request a username and password. Once your email address is verified, your account will be opened and you will be granted access to the CTSU member website. (NOTE: CTEP-IAM requires a valid email address in order to issue a username and password.)

Additional Investigator information can be found in NCI's Investigator Handbook.