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 Contact Information
About contacting the CTSU:

If you have questions regarding any aspect of CTSU operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The CTSU Help Desk provides a central point of contact and resources for Cooperative Group members, Clinical Sites, and the general public on CTSU operations. The Help Desk consists of the Main Help Desk, located in the Rockville Office and the Regulatory Help Desk which is located in the Philadelphia Office. The CTSU Help Desk is available from 9:00 AM ET to 5:30 PM ET, Monday through Friday except Westat company holidays. Contact can be made by fax, telephone, or email. Help Desk staff will answer calls directly or forward questions to the appropriate CTSU personnel, as necessary. When all lines are busy and on weekends and holidays, voicemail is available to record your message. It is monitored frequently during business hours. Calls are returned within one business day and issues are typically resolved within two business days.

You can contact the CTSU via the following methods:
By e-mail:

  • General questions about the CTSU or the CTSU web site may be submitted on-line to: ctsucontact@westat.com

    By fax:

    The CTSU general fax number is :  1-888-691-8039

    By telephone:

    The CTSU has two toll-free numbers:

  • The General Information / Helpdesk number, 1-888-823-5923, handles general inquiries about the CTSU, including information about clinical studies, investigator registration, and other issues. There are two options when dialed - Option 1 is for the General CTSU Help Desk (everything except regulatory issues and questions), and Option 2 is for the Regulatory Help Desk (for all questions related to submission of regulatory documentation and site approval status). The hours for both Help Desks are between 9:00 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

  • The CTSU Regulatory Help Desk can be dialed directly at: 1-866-651-CTSU (2878)