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Navigation Instructions for the Education and Training Section

There is a known problem with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer that may cause a Acrobat PDF file to be displayed as a blank page.

CTSU has several documents in PDF format. If you see a blank page when accessing a protocol document that is in PDF format and you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, try pressing the Refresh button on the browser. This will sometimes fix the problem and you should see the document. If the problem persists, please contact your IT support staff, or check the Microsoft support web site for other possible solutions. This does not appear to be a problem on Netscape browsers.

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Viewing Documents / Visiting Links:
Except for the Protocol-Specific Materials, each category of the education and training section has a documents menu which is arranged in tree format, much like using Microsoft Windows Explorer. As you click on each link and the list drops down, the rest of the menu is still visible on the screen (although you may have to scroll up or down to view it).

The closed folder icon symbol indicates that there are sub-categories. Click on the image or link to view them.
The open folder icon symbol can be used to collapse a set of sub-categories.
The document link icon symbol indicates links to documents and information web sites.

Many of the documents available in these sections are actually links to external web sites which contain useful resources and information. When users click on a link to an external site, that site will open in a new window. This is to allow for easier navigation of links within that site. If a user clicks the 'back' button in that second window, it will not return to the CTSU site. The CTSU site remains open behind the new window, therefore, users must either minimize or close the new window.

The Protocol-Specific Materials section offers the user a search facility, through which materials can be searched by one of the following methods: cancer type, specific protocol ID, or by key word search of the protocol title.

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Expand All / Collapse All
These features appear at the top of the documents page for each section, and are designed to provide users the option of viewing the complete list of documents at all times ('expand all'), or to view only the sub-set of documents with which they are currently working.

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Searching Documents and Material Titles:
If you are looking for materials for a specific topic, you may try to search the education and training database of documents by entering a keyword in the search box. This will search the title of the documents in the database. It Will Not search the whole document. This is not possible because many of the documents are actually external links to the CTSU.