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 CIRB - Approved Protocols For Participating Institutions

The NCI Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) is reviewing all the Phase III adult cancer treatment trials from the Cooperative Groups, and occasional studies from other organizations. The purpose is to provide local IRBs (who have joined the CIRB Pilot Project) the opportunity to perform "facilitated reviews" that do not require full local IRB review, and thus review should occur more rapidly. If you are from an Institution currently participating in the CIRB Initiative, you can download from the Active Protocol List the necessary documents to submit a CIRB- approved study (those marked with an asterisk) to your local IRB for rapid," facilitated review". You can access the protocol, IRB Application form, and the Informed Consent on this site, even if you do not enroll your patients through CTSU. Occasional protocols, marked with a double asterisk, are not on the CTSU Menu for enrollment, but will be posted on this list solely for the convenience of participants in the CIRB Initiative. For more information about the CIRB, and to help your Institution to join the CIRB Initiative, go to the
CIRB web site.

CLICK HERE for a list of CIRB approved protocols.

(PLEASE NOTE: Not all CIRB approved studies have necessarily been activated on the CTSU menu of studies. For a list of active CTSU studies, view the CTSU Active Protocol List and Accrual Report on the CTSU Web Site.)